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Stories and Testimonials

Students had these wonderful things to say about the KBP® workshops:

"...I learned that fashion would not be fashion if it didn't get down to the business first...and in learning that, I promise to NEVER take a piece of garment for granted ever again!" - Tiffany [16 yrs. old], Chicago, IL.

"...I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Runway and Confidence® Workshop. I hope that these workshops will always be successful and grow in the years to come." - Kendra [16 yrs. old], Chicago IL.

"...I really appreciate everything that you taught me this past July [2011]. I definitley got alot from the program and had so much fun too. I'm hoping to pursue a career as a fashion stylist and taking your workshop helped me to determine that if I work hard, I can succeed." - Rachel [16 yrs. old], Chicago, IL.